Blogtrepreneur is a website dedicated to helping others learn the practical use of general business operations through related blog posts and news articles. "We also plan to increase the number of posts and provide you with an inside look into some of the "hard to get" secrets that we have used in all of our business ventures...include in-depth marketing, SEO strategies, advertising, public relations, small business research, affiliate strategy management, and social media..."-Adam Toren, Matthew Toren & Luke Etheridge

Huskerpreneur is a blog dedicated to entrepreneurship in Nebraska. This site provides you with an opportunity to share ideas and experiences in entrepreneurship, ask and answer questions and link with other Nebraska entrepreneurs.



AgChat hosts a weekly conversation for anyone involved in the business of growing food, fuel, feed and/or fiber, every Tuesday from 8-10pm Eastern Time.

Ten Golden Rules to Internet Marketing

Jay Berkowitz uses Twitter to help people learn about internet marketing, Berkowitz is an author, speaker and podcaster.



facebook site hosted by UNL Extension, dedicated to entrepreneurship in Nebraska. This site hosts several links to informative webinars, articles, podcasts, etc.


Media Examiner is an online social media magazine that provides information for incorporating social media into your business or entrepreneur venture.