Organic Grain Farming Operation Workshop

An Organic Grain Farming Operation Workshop was held on January 30, 2020, at the Eastern Nebraska Research & Extension Center near Mead.  Below are recordings from the workshop.

Welcome Slide

Starting an Organic Grain Farming Operation - What You Need to Know - Welcome by Gary Lesoing

Organic Blagburn

Organic Certification from Application to Certification Decision - Clayton Blagburn

Organic Gruver 1

Farming System Strategies for Success in Organics - Joel Gruver, Session 1

Organic Gruver 2

Weed Management in Organic Row Crops - Joel Gruver, Session 2

Organic Starr

The Importance of Cover Crops in an Organic Rotation - Jim Starr

Organic Welsch

The Mental Transitioning from Conventional to Organic Farming - Dave Welsch

Organic Wolf

Organic Grain Marketing - Alex Wolf

Organic Panel

Speakers Panel