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Myths & Merits of Grazing Corn Residue - December 19

The final webinar for our 2017 Sustainable Ag Webinar Series will held on Tuesday, December 19th at 10:00 a.m. Dr. Mary Drewnoski, Extension Beef Systems Specialist with Nebraska Extension, will discuss:

Grazing corn residues can benefit both cattle and crop producers. Grazing of corn residue can be a low-cost source of winter feed for cattle and a source of income for farmers (without detrimental effects to the land). This presentation will cover the results of a SARE project evaluating the impacts of grazing corn residue on the soil and crop yields as well as talk about general recommendations for stocking rates and supplementation of cattle.

The link to the webinar is . The meeting ID is 616 450 486. If you have questions in regard to this webinar, feel free to email me at or call me at (402) 274-4755.  This webinar will be recorded for viewing for those unable to participate in the webinar live.

Recorded Webinars

Cattle Management & Performance in an Integrated Crop-Livestock System

Recorded November 7, 2017 - Ashley Conway, PhD student in Animal Science under the direction of Dr. Mary Drewnoski who received a SARE Graduate Student Grant, discusses the project and results of the first year of the study.  Integrated crop-lifestock systems offer tremendous potential for gackgrounding cattle.  Incorporating cereal rye as a winter cover crop and then grazing in the spring is one potential strategy to capture added value to an agricultural system.  Year one of a two-year study designed to investigate the impact of cattle and residue management in this type of system specially looks at the use of ionophore supplementation of cattle grazing cereal rye in the spring.

Bio-based Weed Management Tools for Specialty Crops

Recorded July 27, 2017 - Dr. Sam Wortman, Assistant Professor, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, University of Nebraska-Lincoln presents a webinar on Bio-based weed management tools for specialty crops. Sam discusses some of the research he has conducted with cover crops and other methods of weed control in organic specialty cropping systems.

Nebraskan Permaculture Design, Trees as the Farmer's Best Friend, & Other Helpful Tips

Recorded April 6, 2017 - Gus von Roenn, Permaculture designer, builder, urban farmer, activist, educator, land steward, event planner and nonprofit founder, discusses concepts of Permaculture that can be applied to the unique circumstances presented in Nebraska. Permaculture is the pursuit to feed, shelter, transport, and energize your life in your community without compromising the integrity of the world's living environment. Working with nature allows us to achieve our goals with minimal maintenance. Poorly designed landscapes, buildings and technology that attempt to counter the forces of nature add complexity to our lives and create dependence on a complex system that needs maintenance.

Soil Ecology & the Microscope: A Closer Look at Soil Health

Recorded November 3, 2016 - Ben Samuelson discusses the soil foodweb and how microbial interactions in soil reduce farm inputs.  This webinar is a primer on the soil microbiome. We will follow the flow of energy and nutrients through the soil foodweb to understand the broad interactions between the organism groups in soil, especially the microscopic ones: bacteria, fungi, nematodes and protozoa. See these under the microscope, and become inspired to make them your allies in management.

Ben Samuelson's mission is to show the importance of soil microbes in truly regenerative agricultural systems and promote biological management that builds soil, protects water supply, and produces nutrient dense foods.  Check out his website*

Aunt Bea's Apiary

Recorded October 11, 2016 - Nikki Hayes discusses Aunt Bea’s Apiary, a group of educators and beekeepers dedicated to inspiring people to make the changes necessary for the survival of the honeybee population, as well as other pollinating insects, through workshops, presentations, and hands on activities at their  southeast Nebraska farm.  During this webinar, Nikki will talk about their story, their mission, and some of the things they do when people visit the apiary.  Check out their website

Plants for Native Pollinators

Recorded September 24, 2015 - Natalia Bjorklund, Extension Educator in Dodge County discusses "Plants for Native Pollinators."  This is a follow up to the webinar from August 8th on Native Pollinators.

Native Pollinators

Recorded August 8, 2015 - Natalia Bjorklund, Extension Educator in Dodge County discusses "Native Pollinators."  Natalia has provided educational programs on bees and other native pollinators.

Sustainable Landscaping for Nebraska Conditions

Recorded July 8, 2015 - John Fech, Extension Educator in Douglas/Sarpy County discusses Sustainable Landscapes.  John and a group of other Extension Educators took an Extension and SARE funded study tour to Colorado and learned a lot about Sustainable Landscapes at different places in Colorado.  Information learned on this trip will be part of John's webinar.

The first 10 minutes of the webinar are not recorded due to technical issues.  A PDF of the Power Point presentation is available to use as a reference.
Sustainable Landscaping for Nebraska Conditions Power Point (PDF, 56 pgs, 14.5 MB)

Local Food Systems in Nebraska-Successes, Challenges and Barriers

Recorded October 9, 2014 -This webinar is part of a long-term effort to develop local and regional food systems in rural Nebraska communities and develop food systems in the state that benefit farmers, ranchers and rural communities. Nebraskans spend $4.4 billion on food each year. Yet only 10 percent stays in our state. The long-term question is: How do we keep more of our food dollars in our own state and local economy?  The webinar provides information from interviews with residents involved in developing local and regional food systems throughout Nebraska. Interviews and case studies resulting from the interviews will focus on successes, best practices, challenges, and barriers to local and regional food systems in Nebraska.  The webinar is presented by Jon Bailey, Director of the Rural Policy Program for the Center for Rural Affairs.

Small Fruits Beyond Raspberries & Strawberries

Recorded May 22, 2014 -“ Vaughn Hammond, Extension Educator at Kimmel Education & Research Center in Nebraska City discusses production of some of the not so common small fruits grown in Nebraska. Vaughn's focus as an Extension Educator is Specialty Crops.  Vaughn spent almost a year in Afghanistan as an advisor teaching government agriculture advisors and farmers about growing fruit.  Vaughn brings a wealth of practical experience in growing fruits and vegetables, as he and his wife Beth currently grow produce in Nebraska City for the local market.  Vaughn also is an integral part of the local food industry in Nebraska as he is involved in assisting and advising growers and also serves on the Board of Directors of the Buy Fresh Buy Local organization.  Vaughn also serves on the Nebraska SARE Advisory Committee.

All About Seeds-From Germination to Re-Generation

Recorded April 22, 2014Rebecca Bloom and Elizabeth Goodman discuss issues of seed germination, seed savings and succession planting and how they are using these principals in their operation.  Rebecca is from Omaha, Nebraska and is an experienced organic producer that grows organic vegetables near Crescent, IA.  Rebecca has experience with CSAs Community Supported Agriculture), selling to fine restaurants in the Metro area, farmers markets and food coops.  Rebecca has served on the Nebraska SARE Advisory Committee for many years.  Elizabeth Goodman, also from Omaha, is working with Rebecca on her operation.

Beyond Diversity: Understanding White Privilege and the Challenge for Sustainable Agriculture

Recorded December 18, 2012 - Today's society is becoming more diverse, with many different races, ethnic groups and people of different beliefs in our communities. NCR SARE feels it is important to reach and educate all people about sustainable agriculture as we strive to make our communities more sustainable. This webinar features Julia Kleinschmit, MSW Clinical Associate Professor, University of Iowa School of Social Work and the University of Iowa Division of Continuing Education

"Afghanistan's Agriculture - The Nebraska Connection"

Recorded November 6, 2012 - This webinar features Vaughn Hammond, Extension Educator at the Kimmel Education and Research Center in Nebraska City. Vaughn spent 9 months in Afghanistan in 2011 and 2012 as an Extension Educator working with the Nebraska National Guard Ag Team. During this time in Afghanistan, Vaughn worked to teach agriculture to agriculturalists and farmers there. During his webinar he will tell of his experiences in Afghanistan working on this project and also answer questions at the end of his presentation.  Vaughn should be commended for his service as an Extension Educator in going beyond the call of duty in working in Afghanistan. This is an excellent opportunity to see and learn about Afghanistan Agriculture and how the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension and the Nebraska National Guard worked together towards improving agriculture there. 

"Funding Opportunities through the USDA-NIFA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program"

Recorded August 21, 2012 - Rob Myers, Beth Nelson, and Joan Benjamin, Regional Coordinators for the North Central SARE Region, discuss the five Grant Programs available through SARE.

"Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for Fruit & Vegetable Growers in NE"

Recorded April 16, 2012 - This webinar features Sarah Browning, Horticulture Extension Educator in Lancaster County. In 2011 and 2012, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Educators provided education to growers and assisted them in developing farm food safety plans in anticipation of more stringent regulations from the federal government to insure safe food. This webinar will explain the training that was provided to the growers and also show impact of the training. This webinar is part of the Sustainable Agriculture Webinar Series sponsored by the Nebraska SARE Program and UNL Extension.

"Climate Variability and Change: Global to Local Perspective"

Recorded January 19, 2012 - This webinar features Dr. Tapan B. Pathak, Extension Educator in Climate Variability School of Natural Resources.

"Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch"

Recorded November 18, 2011 - This webinar is presented by Tonya Haigh, Rural Sociologist with the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.  She will present a new web-based resource and drought planning methodology for rangeland managers and advisers.

What You Need to Know about 2011 Farmer/Rancher Grants, Youth Educator Grants and Youth Grants

Recorded September 22, 2011 - This webinar is presented by Gary Lesoing, Nebraska State SARE Coordinator and University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Educator in Nemaha County.

Adapting Cover Crop Management for Nebraska

Recorded August 5, 2011 - This webinar is presented by Sam Wortman, UNL PhD candidate in Agronomy.  His presentation incluinformation on:
I. General benefits of cover crops
II. Cover crop selection and management
III. Cover crop research in Nebraska (since 1980)
IV. Reduced- and no-till organic systems with cover crops
V. Cover crop mixtures

Long-Term Rotation Experiment Evaluates Organic and Conventional Cropping Systems in Nebraska

Recorded June 30, 2011 -  In 1975, Dr. Warren Sahs, Superintendent of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Mead Field Laboratory (now the Agricultural Research and Development Center or ARDC) and other agricultural scientists thought it was important to establish a long-term experiment that evaluated and compared a crop rotation under organic and conventional management systems and a corn monoculture system. The experiment was initiated in 1976. The experiment was managed consistently from 1976 through 1992. From 1993 through the present, new crop rotations were developed to be consistent with crop rotations practiced today. Gary Lesoing, Nebraska State SARE Coordinator and Extension Educator, managed the experiment from 1980 - 1991. He will provide the background and summarize research data collected during the first 16 years of this project. Sam Wortmann, UNL PhD candidate in Agronomy, will explain the rotations and research that has been conducted in this experiment in recent years. Sam conducted his research for his Master Degree on this experiment.

Agriculture Leadership of Tomorrow - A Comparison of Ag in the European Union

Recorded April 13, 2011 - This webinar is presented by Amie Schleicher - Livestock Specialist, University of Missouri Extension.

Sustainable & Diversified Agriculture in New Zealand

Recorded March 23, 2011 - This webinar is presented by Jessica Jones, Extension Educator in Johnson County.

Diversified Ag in Southeast Nebraska

Recorded March 9, 2011 - This webinar is presented by Gary Lesoing, Extension Educator in Nemaha County.

Marketing and Selling Meat Products at Farmers' Markets and through CSA's - Finding Your Niche

Recorded February 23, 2011 - This webinar is presented by Lindsay Chichester, Extension Educator from Richardson County.

Diversified Ag Opportunities: Marketing Vegetables and Fruit, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and Farmer's Market

Recorded February 9, 2011 - This webinar is presented by Vaughn Hammond, Extension Educator at Kimmel Education and Research Center.

Buy Fresh, Buy Local Nebraska

Recorded February 8, 2011 - This webinar features Billene Nemec, Buy, Fresh, Buy Local Coordinator.

Why Holistic Management?

Recorded January 13, 2011 - This webinar features Terry Gompert, former Extension Educator from Knox County, NE.  The webinar is a discussion of the application and use of Holistic Management.

Grass-fed Beef

Recorded December 7, 2010 - This webinar features Terry Gompert, former Extension Educator in Knox County.

Farm Beginnings® in Nebraska

Recorded November 23, 2010 - This webinar is presented by Gary Lesoing, Extension Educator, Nebraska State SARE Coordinator and "Farm Beginnings®" facilitator. The webinar focuses on the history of the Beginning Farmer Program, what the program is about and how it has impacted agriculture in the Midwest and Nebraska, particularly "Farm Beginnings®" participants.

Area Ag Entrepreneurs Produce for the Local Food System

Recorded October 6, 2010 - The webinar highlights a tour of farms in southeast Nebraska that are producing food for the local food system in Nebraska. Gary Lesoing, Nebraska State SARE Coordinator and Extension Educator in Nemaha County with UNL Extension is the presenter. 

NCR SARE Farmer/Rancher Grants and Youth Educator and Youth Sustainable Agriculture Grants

Recorded August 26, 2010 - The webinar is presented by Gary Lesoing, Nebraska State SARE Coordinator and University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Educator in Nemaha County. Gary has served as Nebraska State SARE coordinator for the past 2 1/2 years and has been involved in sustainable agriculture research and extension programming for the past several years. Gary explains these NCR SARE Grant programs, the process in applying for these grants and shares examples of past grant recipients.

Mob Grazing (Part 1) and Mob Grazing (Part 2)

Recorded July 22, 2010 - This webinar is presented by Terry Gompert, University of Nebraska-Lincoln former Extension Educator in Knox County.  Terry has focused his programming on grass-based agriculture and grazing for the past several years.  Terry shares his insights into the principles of Mob Grazing and the impact it has on pastures, soil, and livestock. (Due to technical difficulties this webinar was recorded in two parts.)

An Overview of Organic Research in Nebraska

Recorded May 26, 2010 - In this webinar the Organic Research and Extension team explains their program in Nebraska.  Presenters for the webinar include:  Dr. Charles Shapiro, Dr. Rich Little, Liz Sarno and other members of the team.

Enhancing Soil Health with Cover Crops and Livestock

Recorded May 6, 2010 - This webinar is presented by Joshua Dukart, a Field Representative for the North Dakota Grazing Lands Coalition and a Holistic Management Certified Educator in Training.


If you have questions in regards to any of these webinars, feel free to contact Gary Lesoing at (402) 274-4755 or at