Mini Grants - SARE Professional Development Program

The purpose of the mini-grant program is to develop the skills and competencies of agricultural professionals. Agricultural professionals include extension educators, Natural Resource Conservation Service Staff, state and federal agency workers and educators in the profit and not-for-profit sectors serving the food and fiber system.

Mini-grant activities are to build educator expertise, develop new curriculum or programming, implement innovative educational approaches and create an opportunity for learning and skill development of the agricultural professional.

Applications are to include producers, agency staff, not-for-profit organizations and other local stakeholders in planning, creating and delivering any mini-grant outreach activities.

The intended outcome of the mini-grant program is to develop the knowledge and skills of the agricultural professional. Applicants are required to explain how any mini-grant activities will contribute to their professional development and/or the professional development of other educators.

Competitive grants of up to $2,500 are available.


Before the event

  1. Follow instructions on how to fill out the Mini-Grant-Application. Mini-grants should be submitted at least 6-8 weeks prior to the event (conference, field day, workshop etc).
  2. Once we receive your application you will receive a confirmation email. Your application will be reviewed by Nebraska SARE coordinators and board members. Allow up to 4 weeks for the decision.
  3. If your application is approved, we will state the amount that the mini-grant will cover, at the most $2,500. Costs that exceed this amount will have to be covered by other sources.
  4. The maximum funds an organization can receive per year are $2,500.
  5.  Event expenses will be paid by you upfront and will get reimbursed after the event (see below). The reimbursement will be processed by UNL business offices using SARE funds (in other words, checks will come from UNL, not SARE). Make sure to keep receipts for the expenses for which you are seeking reimbursement.

After the event

  1. You have two options for getting the funds: Either send us an invoice, listing each item from the budget in your mini-grant application, or fill out the Visiting Personnel Expense Voucher. Receipts are required for all expenses.
  2. Fill out the Event Statistics form.
  3. Attach all forms to an email and send to us. You will receive a confirmation email. Please know that currently it is taking 6 to 8 weeks for the UNL business offices to process the expense requests.
  4. Thank you!

Please be aware that any funds you or your organization receive from SARE/UNL are subject to taxes.

Professional Development Program Mini Grant Application  (Word, 5 pgs, 104 KB)
Professional Development Program Mini Grant Application (PDF, 5 pgs, 123 KB)

Professional Development Program Event Statistics (Word, 3 pgs, 107 KB)
Professional Development Program Event Statistics (PDF, 3 pgs, 75 KB)

Completed documents should be mailed or emailed to a Nebraska State SARE Coordinator.

Katja Koehler-Cole
Statewide Soil Health Management Extension Educator
Eastern Nebraska Research & Extension Center
1071 County Road G
Ithaca, NE  68003
Phone:  (402) 624-8042


Ben Beckman
Cedar County Extension
101 East Centre
PO Box 368
Hartington, NE  68739
Phone:  (402) 254-6821