What is SARE?

Funded by the USDA, the national Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program supports and promotes sustainable farming and ranching.  We offer competitive grants and educational opportunities for producers, scientists, educators, institutions, organizations and others exploring sustainable agriculture. 


 Ag Extension Educators and producers visit an organic farm on the Southeast Nebraska Diversified Ag Tour

Healthy Farms Conference

The NSAS Healthy Farms Conference will be held on January 29th – 30th at the Lied Lodge in Nebraska.  This is a conference for those interested in sustainable agriculture and learning about different diversified ag enterprises, where most are value-added.  Some of the topics of discussion include: Cover crops for the commodity grower, cover crops for vegetable production and beyond, Fence Building & Water Systems, Food Hub/Coop Marketing Panel, Marketing opportunities to consider when starting, Farmers & Climate Change Panel Discussion, Rotational Grazing for the Seasoned Veteran, Plant Breeding, Seeds, conventional and non GMO and Nutrition in Feed.  This is just a sampling of the sessions that are available to attend.  There are also excellent educational and fun programs for youth.  To find out more about this conference or to register go to:  http://nebsusag.org/conference.shtml.

Diversified Ag Enterprises in Nebraska

(PDF, 11 MB)
This power point shows different types of agriculture in Nebraska and highlights several local foods producers across the state of Nebraska.
Diversified Ag Enterprises in Nebraska Power Point (PDF, 11 MB)

SARE Webinars

For information about SARE Webinar recordings go to the Nebraska SARE Webinars page.  If you have questions in regards to any of the SARE Webinars, feel free to contact Gary Lesoing at (402)274-4755 or glesoing2@unl.edu.

National Conference on Cover Crops & Soil Health Videos

Videos of all the presentations delivered at the Omaha conference are now available online on the SARE National Conference Presentations webpage.  PDF's of most of the Power Point Presentations are also available.

In addition, on the SARE Events National Conference Webpage you will find the video of the opening panel sessions and NRCS Chief Jason Weller's presentation.  Ten short 2-3 minute videos of farmers talking about cover crops on their farms, most of whom were speakers in Omaha, are also available.

Check out these educational & informative resources on cover crops and soil health.

SARE Travel Scholarships Available for Ag Educators

Ag Educators interested in a SARE Travel Scholarship should contact Gary Lesoing at 402-274-4755.

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Aronia Berries - An emerging diversified crop in Nebraska