What is SARE?

Funded by the USDA, the national Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program supports and promotes sustainable farming and ranching.  We offer competitive grants and educational opportunities for producers, scientists, educators, institutions, organizations and others exploring sustainable agriculture. 


 Ag Extension Educators and producers visit an organic farm on the Southeast Nebraska Diversified Ag Tour

Recently Recorded Webinars

"Small Fruits Beyond Raspberries & Strawberries"

Recorded May 22, 2014 – Vaughn Hammond, Extension Educator at Kimmel Education & Research Center in Nebraska City discusses production of some of the not so common small fruits grown in Nebraska. Vaughn's focus as an Extension Educator is Specialty Crops.  Vaughn spent almost a year in Afghanistan as an advisor teaching government agriculture advisors and farmers about growing fruit.  Vaughn brings a wealth of practical experience in growing fruits and vegetables, as he and his wife Beth currently grow produce in Nebraska City for the local market.  Vaughn also is an integral part of the local food industry in Nebraska as he is involved in assisting and advising growers and also serves on the Board of Directors of the Buy Fresh Buy Local organization.  Vaughn also serves on the Nebraska SARE Advisory Committee.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Gary Lesoing at (402) 274-4755 or at glesoing2@unl.edu.

All About Seeds -
From Germination to Re-Generation

Recorded April 22, 2014Rebecca Bloom and Elizabeth Goodman discuss issues of seed germination, seed savings and succession planting and how they are using these principals in their operation.  Rebecca is from Omaha, Nebraska and is an experienced organic producer that grows organic vegetables near Crescent, IA.  Rebecca has experience with CSAs Community Supported Agriculture), selling to fine restaurants in the Metro area, farmers markets and food coops.  Rebecca has served on the Nebraska SARE Advisory Committee for many years.  Elizabeth Goodman, also from Omaha, is working with Rebecca on her operation.

If you have questions about this webinar, feel free to contact Gary Lesoing at (402) 274-4755 or at glesoing2@unl.edu.

National Conference on Cover Crops & Soil Health Videos

Videos of all the presentations delivered at the Omaha conference are now available online on the SARE National Conference Presentations webpage.  PDF's of most of the Power Point Presentations are also available.

In addition, on the SARE Events National Conference Webpage you will find the video of the opening panel sessions and NRCS Chief Jason Weller's presentation.  Ten short 2-3 minute videos of farmers talking about cover crops on their farms, most of whom were speakers in Omaha, are also available.

Check out these educational & informative resources on cover crops and soil health.

SARE Travel Scholarships Available for Ag Educators

Ag Educators interested in a SARE Travel Scholarship should contact Gary Lesoing at 402-274-4755.

Nebraska SARE Videos

Recorded SARE Webinars

Beyond Diversity: Understanding White Privilege and the Challenge for Sustainable Agriculture

Recorded December 18, 2012 - Today's society is becoming more diverse, with many different races, ethnic groups and people of different beliefs in our communities. NCR SARE feels it is important to reach and educate all people about sustainable agriculture as we strive to make our communities more sustainable. This webinar features Julia Kleinschmit, MSW Clinical Associate Professor, University of Iowa School of Social Work and the University of Iowa Division of Continuing Education.

"Afghanistan's Agriculture - The Nebraska Connection"

Recorded November 6, 2012 - This webinar features Vaughn Hammond, Extension Educator at the Kimmel Education and Research Center in Nebraska City. Vaughn spent 9 months in Afghanistan in 2011 and 2012 as an Extension Educator working with the Nebraska National Guard Ag Team. During this time in Afghanistan, Vaughn worked to teach agriculture to agriculturalists and farmers there. During his webinar he will tell of his experiences in Afghanistan working on this project and also answer questions at the end of his presentation. Vaughn should be commended for his service as an Extension Educator in going beyond the call of duty in working in Afghanistan. This is an excellent opportunity to see and learn about Afghanistan Agriculture and how the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension and the Nebraska National Guard worked together towards improving agriculture there.

For information regarding other previously recorded webinars go to our Nebraska SARE Webinars page.

If you have questions in regards to any of the SARE Webinars, feel free to contact Gary Lesoing at (402)274-4755 or glesoing2@unl.edu.

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Aronia Berries - An emerging diversified crop in Nebraska